Starlink PPC OS X 10.4 build instructions

  1. Install the OS X Developer Tools from your OS X installation DVD or from the Apple Developer Connection.
  2. Install subversion using either Fink or MacPorts. With Fink this is done by running "fink install svn-client", and with MacPorts this is done by running "port install subversion". sudo may be required.
  3. Create a /star directory to install the Starlink software into.
  4. Download the G95 support files. These include a g95 binary and a libf95 shared library needed for building the Starlink software. When you unpack this file it will create a bin/ and a lib/ directory. Move these into your /star directory, creating /star/bin and /star/lib directories. To confirm that this is correct, your g95 binary should be located at /star/bin/g95.
  5. Check out the Starlink software using svn:
    svn checkout starbuild
    This will check out the SSC into a starbuild directory in the current working directory.
  6. Set up various environment variables as described in the README file in the starbuild directory (using tcsh as the shell in the following example):
    % setenv STARCONF_DEFAULT_PREFIX /star
    % unsetenv INSTALL
    % unsetenv STARLINK
    % setenv F77 g95
    % setenv FC g95
    % setenv PATH ${STARCONF_DEFAULT_PREFIX}/bin:${STARCONF_DEFAULT_PREFIX}/buildsupport/bin:${PATH}
  7. Build the software:
    % cd starbuild
    % ./bootstrap
    % make configure-deps
    % ./configure -C
    % make world
Please note that this will not install ORAC-DR.