Remove cards used whilst reading even if an error occurs?


This attribute indicates whether or not cards should be removed from the FitsChan if an error occurs within AST_READ. A succesful read on a FitsChan always results in the removal of the cards which were involved in the description of the returned Object. However, in the event of an error during the read (for instance if the cards in the FitsChan have illegal values, or if some required cards are missing) no cards will be removed from the FitsChan if the Clean attribute is zero (the default). If Clean is non-zero then any cards which were used in the aborted attempt to read an object will be removed.

This provides a means of " cleaning" a FitsChan of WCS related cards which works even in the event of the cards not forming a legal WCS description.

Integer (boolean).


All FitsChans have this attribute.