The data type of each value in a column


This attribute holds a integer value indicating the data type of a named column in a Table. This is the data type which was used when the column was added to the Table using astAddColumn. The required column name should be placed inside the parentheses in the attribute name.

The attribute value will be one of AST__INTTYPE (for integer), AST__SINTTYPE (for INTEGER2), AST__BYTETYPE (for bytes), AST__DOUBLETYPE (for double precision floating point), AST__FLOATTYPE (for single precision floating point), AST__STRINGTYPE (for character string), AST__OBJECTTYPE (for AST Object pointer), AST__POINTERTYPE (for arbitrary C pointer) or AST__UNDEFTYPE (for undefined values created by AST_MAPPUTU).

Integer, read-only.


All Tables have this attribute.