Number of digits of precision


This attribute specifies how many digits of precision are required by default when a coordinate value is formatted for a Frame axis (e.g. using AST_FORMAT). Its value may be set either for a Frame as a whole, or (by subscripting the attribute name with the number of an axis) for each axis individually. Any value set for an individual axis will over-ride the value for the Frame as a whole.

Note that the Digits value acts only as a means of determining a default Format string. Its effects are over-ridden if a Format string is set explicitly for an axis. However, if the Format attribute specifies the precision using the string " ." , then the Digits attribute is used to determine the number of decimal places to produce.



The default Digits value supplied by the Frame class is 7. If a value less than 1 is supplied, then 1 is used instead.
The Digits attribute of a FrameSet (or one of its axes) is the same as that of its current Frame (as specified by the Current attribute).
The default Digits value used by the Plot class when drawing annotated axis labels is the smallest value which results in all adjacent labels being distinct.
The Digits attribute is ignored when a TimeFrame formats a value as a date and time string (see the Format attribute).