Which edges to label in a Plot


This attribute controls the appearance of an annotated coordinate grid (drawn with the AST_GRID routine) by determining which edges of a Plot are used for displaying numerical and descriptive axis labels. It takes a separate value for each physical axis of the Plot so that, for instance, the setting " Edge(2)=left" specifies which edge to use to display labels for the second axis.

The values " left" , " top" , " right" and " bottom" (or any abbreviation) can be supplied for this attribute. The default is usually " bottom" for the first axis and " left" for the second axis. However, if exterior labelling was requested (see the Labelling attribute) but cannot be produced using these default Edge values, then the default values will be swapped if this enables exterior labelling to be produced.



All Plots have this attribute.
The Plot3D class ignores this attributes. Instead it uses its own RootCorner attribute to determine which edges of the 3D plot to label.