Where to place numerical labels for a Plot


This attribute controls the appearance of an annotated coordinate grid (drawn with the AST_GRID routine) by determining where numerical axis labels and associated tick marks are placed. It takes a separate value for each physical axis of a Plot so that, for instance, the setting " LabelAt(2)=10.0" specifies where the numerical labels and tick marks for the second axis should be drawn.

For each axis, the LabelAt value gives the value on the other axis at which numerical labels and tick marks should be placed (remember that Plots suitable for use with AST_GRID may only have two axes). For example, in a celestial (RA,Dec) coordinate system, LabelAt(1) gives a Dec value which defines a line (of constant Dec) along which the numerical RA labels and their associated tick marks will be drawn. Similarly, LabelAt(2) gives the RA value at which the Dec labels and ticks will be drawn.

The default bahaviour is for the Plot to generate its own position for numerical labels and tick marks.

Floating point.


All Plots have this attribute.