Report transformed coordinates?


This attribute controls whether coordinate values are reported whenever a Mapping is used to transform a set of points. If its value is zero (the default), no report is made. However, if it is non-zero, the coordinates of each point are reported (both before and after transformation) by writing them to standard output.

This attribute is provided as an aid to debugging, and to avoid having to report values explicitly in simple programs.

Integer (boolean).


All Mappings have this attribute.
When applied to a compound Mapping (CmpMap), only the Report attribute of the CmpMap, and not those of its component Mappings, is used. Coordinate information is never reported for the component Mappings individually, only for the complete CmpMap.
When applied to any Frame, the formatting capabilities of the Frame (as provided by the AST_FORMAT function) will be used to format the reported coordinates.
When applied to any FrameSet, the formatting capabilities of the base and current Frames will be used (as above) to individually format the input and output coordinates, as appropriate. The Report attribute of a FrameSet is not itself affected by selecting a new base or current Frame, but the resulting formatting capabilities may be.