The zero point for TimeFrame axis values


This specifies the origin from which all time values are measured. The default value (zero) results in the TimeFrame describing absolute time values in the system given by the System attribute (e.g. MJD, Julian epoch, etc). If a TimeFrame is to be used to describe elapsed time since some origin, the TimeOrigin attribute should be set to hold the required origin value. The TimeOrigin value stored inside the TimeFrame structure is modified whenever TimeFrame attribute values are changed so that it refers to the original moment in time.
Floating point.


All TimeFrames have this attribute.

Input Formats

The formats accepted when setting a TimeOrigin value are listed below. They are all case-insensitive and are generally tolerant of extra white space and alternative field delimiters:

Output Format

When enquiring TimeOrigin values, the returned formatted floating point value represents a value in the TimeFrame s System, in the unit specified by the TimeFrame s Unit attribute.