A representation of a FITS binary table


The FitsTable class is a representation of a FITS binary table. It inherits from the Table class. The parent Table is used to hold the binary data of the main table, and a FitsChan (encapsulated within the FitsTable) is used to hold the FITS header.

Note - it is not recommended to use the FitsTable class to store very large tables.

FitsTables are primarily geared towards the needs of the " -TAB" algorithm defined in FITS-WCS paper 2, and so do not support all features of FITS binary tables. In particularly, they do not provide any equivalent to the following features of FITS binary tables: " heap" data (i.e. binary data following the main table), columns holding complex values, columns holding variable length arrays, scaled columns, column formats, columns holding bit values, 8-byte integer values or logical values.

Constructor Function



The FitsTable class inherits from the Table class.


The FitsTable class does not define any new attributes beyond those which are applicable to all Tables.


In addition to those routines applicable to all Tables, the following routines may also be applied to all FitsTables: