astMapGet0 <X >

Get a scalar value from a KeyMap


This is a set of functions for retrieving a scalar value from a KeyMap. You should replace <X > in the generic function name astMapGet0 <X > by an appropriate 1-character type code (see the " Data Type Codes" section below for the code appropriate to each supported data type). The stored value is converted to the data type indiced by <X > before being returned (an error is reported if it is not possible to convert the stored value to the requested data type).


int astMapGet0 <X >( AstKeyMap this, const char key, <X >type value );


Pointer to the KeyMap.
The character string identifying the value to be retrieved. Trailing spaces are ignored. The supplied string is converted to upper case before use if the KeyCase attribute is currently set to zero.
A pointer to a buffer in which to return the requested value. If the requested key is not found, or if it is found but has an undefined value (see astMapPutU), then the contents of the buffer on entry to this function will be unchanged on exit. For pointer types (" A" and " C" ), the buffer should be a suitable pointer, and the address of this pointer should be supplied as the " value" parameter.

Returned Value

astMapGet0 <X >()
A non-zero value is returned if the requested key name was found, and does not have an undefined value (see astMapPutU). Zero is returned otherwise.


Data Type Codes

To select the appropriate function, you should replace <X > in the generic function name astMapGet0 <X > with a 1-character data type code, so as to match the data type <X >type of the data you are processing, as follows:

For example, astMapGet0D would be used to get a " double" value, while astMapGet0I would be used to get an " int" , etc.