Transform a Region into a new Frame using a given Mapping


This function returns a pointer to a new Region which corresponds to supplied Region described by some other specified coordinate system. A Mapping is supplied which transforms positions between the old and new coordinate systems. The new Region may not be of the same class as the original region.


AstRegion astMapRegion( AstRegion this, AstMapping map, AstFrame frame )


Pointer to the Region.
Pointer to a Mapping which transforms positions from the coordinate system represented by the supplied Region to the coordinate system specified by " frame" . The supplied Mapping should define both forward and inverse transformations, and these transformations should form a genuine inverse pair. That is, transforming a position using the forward transformation and then using the inverse transformation should produce the original input position. Some Mapping classes (such as PermMap, MathMap, SphMap) can result in Mappings for which this is not true.
Pointer to a Frame describing the coordinate system in which the new Region is required.

Returned Value

A pointer to a new Region. This Region will represent the area within the coordinate system specified by " frame" which corresponds to the supplied Region.