Draw a set of markers for a Plot


This function draws a set of markers (symbols) at positions specified in the physical coordinate system of a Plot. The positions are transformed into graphical coordinates to determine where the markers should appear within the plotting area.


void astMark( AstPlot this, int nmark, int ncoord, int indim, const double in, int type )


Pointer to the Plot.
The number of markers to draw. This may be zero, in which case nothing will be drawn.
The number of coordinates being supplied for each mark (i.e. the number of axes in the current Frame of the Plot, as given by its Naxes attribute).
The number of elements along the second dimension of the " in" array (which contains the marker coordinates). This value is required so that the coordinate values can be correctly located if they do not entirely fill this array. The value given should not be less than " nmark" .
The address of the first element of a 2-dimensional array of shape " [ncoord][indim]" giving the physical coordinates of the points where markers are to be drawn. These should be stored such that the value of coordinate number " coord" for input mark number " mark" is found in element " in[coord][mark]" .
A value specifying the type (e.g. shape) of marker to be drawn. The set of values which may be used (and the shapes that will result) is determined by the underlying graphics system.