Get the name of the global parameter at a given index within the Table


This function returns a string holding the name of the global parameter with the given index within the Table.

This function is intended primarily as a means of iterating round all the parameters in a Table. For this purpose, the number of parameters in the Table is given by the Nparameter attribute of the Table. This function could then be called in a loop, with the index value going from zero to one less than Nparameter.

Note, the index associated with a parameter decreases monotonically with the age of the parameter: the oldest Parameter in the Table will have index one, and the Parameter added most recently to the Table will have the largest index.


const char astParameterName( AstTable this, int index )


Pointer to the Table.
The index into the list of parameters. The first parameter has index one, and the last has index " Nparameter" .

Returned Value

A pointer to a null-terminated string containing the upper case parameter name.