Draw a series of connected geodesic curves


This function joins a series of points specified in the physical coordinate system of a Plot by drawing a sequence of geodesic curves. It is equivalent to making repeated use of the astCurve function (q.v.), except that astPolyCurve will generally be more efficient when drawing many geodesic curves end-to-end. A typical application of this might be in drawing contour lines.

As with astCurve, full account is taken of the Mapping between physical and graphical coordinate systems. This includes any discontinuities and clipping established using astClip.


void astPolyCurve( AstPlot this, int npoint, int ncoord, int indim, const double in )


Pointer to the Plot.
The number of points between which geodesic curves are to be drawn.
The number of coordinates being supplied for each point (i.e. the number of axes in the current Frame of the Plot, as given by its Naxes attribute).
The number of elements along the second dimension of the " in" array (which contains the input coordinates). This value is required so that the coordinate values can be correctly located if they do not entirely fill this array. The value given should not be less than " npoint" .
The address of the first element in a 2-dimensional array of shape " [ncoord][indim]" giving the physical coordinates of the points which are to be joined in sequence by geodesic curves. These should be stored such that the value of coordinate number " coord" for point number " point" is found in element " in[coord][point]" .