Store a single FitsTable in a FitsChan


This function allows a representation of a single FITS binary table to be stored in a FitsChan. For instance, this may provide the coordinate look-up tables needed subequently when reading FITS-WCS headers for axes described using the " -TAB" algorithm. Since, in general, the calling application may not know which tables will be needed - if any - prior to calling astRead, the astTablesSource function provides an alternative mechanism in which a caller-supplied function is invoked to store a named table in the FitsChan.


void astPutTable( AstFitsChan this, AstFitsTable table, const char extnam )


Pointer to the FitsChan.
Pointer to a FitsTable to be added to the FitsChan. If a FitsTable with the associated extension name already exists in the FitsChan, it is replaced with the new one. A deep copy of the FitsTable is stored in the FitsChan, so any subsequent changes made to the FitsTable will have no effect on the behaviour of the FitsChan.
The name of the FITS extension associated with the table.