Modify a Frame s relationship to other Frames in a FrameSet


This function modifies the relationship (i.e. Mapping) between a specified Frame in a FrameSet and the other Frames in that FrameSet.

Typically, this might be required if the FrameSet has been used to calibrate (say) an image, and that image is re-binned. The Frame describing the image will then have undergone a coordinate transformation, and this should be communicated to the associated FrameSet using this function.


void astRemapFrame( AstFrameSet this, int iframe, AstMapping map )


Pointer to the FrameSet.
The index within the FrameSet of the Frame to be modified. This value should lie in the range from 1 to the number of Frames in the FrameSet (as given by its Nframe attribute).
Pointer to a Mapping whose forward transformation converts coordinate values from the original coordinate system described by the Frame to the new one, and whose inverse transformation converts in the opposite direction.