astSetFits <X >

Store a keyword value in a FitsChan


This is a family of functions which store values for named keywords within a FitsChan at the current card position. The supplied keyword value can either over-write an existing keyword value, or can be inserted as a new header card into the FitsChan.

The keyword data type is selected by replacing <X > in the function name by one of the following strings representing the recognised FITS data


The data type of the " value" parameter depends on <X > as follows:


void astSetFits <X >( AstFitsChan this, const char name, <X >type value, const char comment, int overwrite )


Pointer to the FitsChan.
Pointer to a null-terminated character string containing the FITS keyword name. This may be a complete FITS header card, in which case the keyword to use is extracted from it. No more than 80 characters are read from this string.
The keyword value to store with the named keyword. The data type of this parameter depends on <X > as described above.
A pointer to a null terminated string holding a comment to associated with the keyword. If a NULL pointer or a blank string is supplied, then any comment included in the string supplied for the " name" parameter is used instead. If " name" contains no comment, then any existing comment in the card being over-written is retained. Otherwise, no comment is stored with the card.
If non-zero, the new card formed from the supplied keyword name, value and comment string over-writes the current card, and the current card is incremented to refer to the next card (see the " Card" attribute). If zero, the new card is inserted in front of the current card and the current card is left unchanged. In either case, if the current card on entry points to the " end-of-file" , the new card is appended to the end of the list.