Store a comment card in a FitsChan


This function stores a comment card ( i.e. a card with no keyword name or equals sign) within a FitsChan at the current card position. The new card can either over-write an existing card, or can be inserted as a new card into the FitsChan.


void astSetFitsCM( AstFitsChan this, const char comment, int overwrite )


Pointer to the FitsChan.
A pointer to a null terminated string holding the text of the comment card. If a NULL pointer or a blank string is supplied, then a totally blank card is produced.
If non-zero, the new card over-writes the current card, and the current card is incremented to refer to the next card (see the " Card" attribute). If zero, the new card is inserted in front of the current card and the current card is left unchanged. In either case, if the current card on entry points to the " end-of-file" , the new card is appended to the end of the list.