Draw a text string for a Plot


This function draws a string of text at a position specified in the physical coordinate system of a Plot. The physical position is transformed into graphical coordinates to determine where the text should appear within the plotting area.


void astText( AstPlot this, const char text, const double pos[], const float up[], const char just )


Pointer to the Plot.
Pointer to a null-terminated character string containing the text to be drawn. Trailing white space is ignored.
An array, with one element for each axis of the Plot, giving the physical coordinates of the point where the reference position of the text string is to be placed.
An array holding the components of a vector in the " up" direction of the text (in graphical coordinates). For example, to get horizontal text, the vector {0.0f,1.0f} should be supplied. For a basic Plot, 2 values should be supplied. For a Plot3D, 3 values should be supplied, and the actual up vector used is the projection of the supplied up vector onto the text plane specified by the current value of the Plot3D s Norm attribute.
Pointer to a null-terminated character string identifying the reference point for the text being drawn. The first character in this string identifies the reference position in the " up" direction and may be " B" (baseline), " C" (centre), " T" (top) or " M" (bottom). The second character identifies the side-to-side reference position and may be " L" (left), " C" (centre) or " R" (right ). The string is case-insensitive, and only the first two characters are significant.

For example, a value of " BL" means that the left end of the baseline of the original (un-rotated) text is to be drawn at the position given by " pos" .