See if a named keyword has a defined value in a FitsChan


This function serches for a named keyword in a FitsChan. If found, and if the keyword has a value associated with it, a non-zero value is returned. If the keyword is not found, or if it does not have an associated value, a zero value is returned.


int astTestFits( AstFitsChan this, const char name, int there )


Pointer to the FitsChan.
Pointer to a null-terminated character string containing the FITS keyword name. This may be a complete FITS header card, in which case the keyword to use is extracted from it. No more than 80 characters are read from this string. If NULL is supplied, the current card is tested.
Pointer to an integer which will be returned holding a non-zero value if the keyword was found in the header, and zero otherwise. This parameter allows a distinction to be made between the case where a keyword is not present, and the case where a keyword is present but has no associated value. A NULL pointer may be supplied if this information is not required.

Returned Value

A value of zero is returned if the keyword was not found in the FitsChan or has no associated value. Otherwise, a value of one is returned.