Controls rounding of floating-point FITS values


This attribute controls how floating point values are rounded when formatted for inclusion in the FITS header cards within a FitsChan.

The value is first formatted using the field width specified by attribute FitsDigits. If this formatted value contains a sequence of 4 or more adjacent " 9" s or 4 or more adjacent " 0" s, the formatted value is truncated at the start of the sequence (rounding the final remaining digit up by one if the sequence contains " 9" s). However this truncation only occurs if the sequence extends beyond the digit specified by attribute FitsRounding. For instance, if FitsRounding is set to 10, then the rounding will only occur for sequences of 4 or more " 9" s or " 0" s that extend beyond the tenth significant figure in the formatted value.

The default value is 10. When setting a new value, negative values are converted to zero.



All FitsChans have this attribute.