Draw numerical Plot labels upright?


This attribute controls the appearance of an annotated coordinate grid (drawn with the astGrid function) by determining whether the numerical labels for each axis of a Plot should be drawn upright or not. It takes a separate value for each physical axis of a Plot so that, for instance, the setting " LabelUp(2)=1" specifies that numerical labels for the second axis should be drawn upright.

If the LabelUp value of a Plot axis is non-zero, it causes numerical labels for that axis to be plotted upright (i.e. as normal, horizontal text), otherwise labels are drawn parallel to the axis to which they apply.

The default is to produce upright labels if the labels are placed around the edge of the plot, and to produce labels that follow the axes if the labels are placed within the interior of the plot (see attribute Labelling).

Integer (boolean).


All Plots have this attribute.