ZoomMap scale factor


This attribute holds the ZoomMap scale factor, by which coordinate values are multiplied (by the forward transformation) or divided (by the inverse transformation). The default value is unity.

Note that if a ZoomMap is inverted (e.g. by using astInvert), then the reciprocal of this zoom factor will, in effect, be used.

In general, Mapping attributes cannot be changed after the Mapping has been created (the exception to this is the Invert attribute, which can be changed at any time). However, several of the oldest Mapping classes - including the ZoomMap class - were introduced into the AST library before this restriction was enforced. To reduce the chances of breaking existing software, the attributes of such Mappings may still be changed, but only for Mapping instances that have exactly one active reference. In other words, an error will be reported if an attempt is made to set or clear an attribute of a Mapping (other than the Invert attribute) if that Mapping has been cloned. Mappings are cloned when they are incorporated into another object such as a CmpMap or FrameSet, or when the astClone function is used.

Double precision.


All ZoomMaps have this attribute.