Controls the issuing of warnings about various conditions


This attribute controls the issuing of warnings about selected conditions when an Object or keyword is read from or written to a FitsChan. The value supplied for the Warnings attribute should consist of a space separated list of condition names (see the AllWarnings attribute for a list of the currently defined names). Each name indicates a condition which should be reported. The default value for Warnings is the string " BadKeyName BadKeyValue Tnx Zpx BadCel BadMat BadPV BadCTYPE" .

The text of any warning will be stored within the FitsChan in the form of one or more new header cards with keyword ASTWARN. If required, applications can check the FitsChan for ASTWARN cards (using astFindFits) after the call to astRead or astWrite has been performed, and report the text of any such cards to the user. ASTWARN cards will be propagated to any output header unless they are deleted from the FitsChan using astDelFits.



All FitsChans have this attribute.


This attribute only controls the warnings that are to be stored as a set of header cards in the FitsChan as described above. It has no effect on the storage of warnings in the parent Channel structure. All warnings are stored in the parent Channel structure, from where they can be retrieved using the astWarnings function.