Coordinate system description


This class is used to represent coordinate systems. It does this in rather the same way that a frame around a graph describes the coordinate space in which data are plotted. Consequently, a Frame has a Title (string) attribute, which describes the coordinate space, and contains axes which in turn hold information such as Label and Units strings which are used for labelling (e.g.) graphical output. In general, however, the number of axes is not restricted to two.

Functions are available for converting Frame coordinate values into a form suitable for display, and also for calculating distances and offsets between positions within the Frame.

Frames may also contain knowledge of how to transform to and from related coordinate systems.

Constructor Function




The Frame class inherits from the Mapping class.


In addition to those attributes common to all Mappings, every Frame also has the following attributes (if the Frame has only one axis, the axis specifier can be omited from the following attribute names):


In addition to those functions applicable to all Mappings, the following functions may also be applied to all Frames: