Add a Frame to a FrameSet to define a new coordinate system


This function adds a new Frame and an associated Mapping to a FrameSet so as to define a new coordinate system, derived from one which already exists within the FrameSet. The new Frame then becomes the FrameSet s current Frame.

This function may also be used to merge two FrameSets, or to append extra axes to every Frame in a FrameSet.


void astAddFrame( AstFrameSet this, int iframe, AstMapping map, AstFrame frame )


Pointer to the FrameSet.
The index of the Frame within the FrameSet which describes the coordinate system upon which the new one is to be based. This value should lie in the range from 1 to the number of Frames already in the FrameSet (as given by its Nframe attribute). As a special case, AST__ALLFRAMES may be supplied, in which case the axes defined by the supplied Frame are appended to every Frame in the FrameSet (see the Notes section for details).
Pointer to a Mapping which describes how to convert coordinates from the old coordinate system (described by the Frame with index " iframe" ) into coordinates in the new system. The Mapping s forward transformation should perform this conversion, and its inverse transformation should convert in the opposite direction. The supplied Mapping is ignored if parameter " iframe" is equal to AST__ALLFRAMES.
Pointer to a Frame that describes the new coordinate system. Any class of Frame may be supplied (including Regions and FrameSets).

This function may also be used to merge two FrameSets by supplying a pointer to a second FrameSet for this parameter (see the Notes section for details).