Reduce the number of vertices in a Polygon


This function returns a pointer to a new Polygon that contains a subset of the vertices in the supplied Polygon. The subset is chosen so that the returned Polygon is a good approximation to the supplied Polygon, within the limits specified by the supplied parameter values. That is, the density of points in the returned Polygon is greater at points where the curvature of the boundary of the supplied Polygon is greater.


AstPolygon astDownsize( AstPolygon this, double maxerr, int maxvert )


Pointer to the Polygon.
The maximum allowed discrepancy between the supplied and returned Polygons, expressed as a geodesic distance within the Polygon s coordinate frame. If this is zero or less, the returned Polygon will have the number of vertices specified by maxvert.
The maximum allowed number of vertices in the returned Polygon. If this is less than 3, the number of vertices in the returned Polygon will be the minimum needed to achieve the maximum discrepancy specified by maxerr.

Returned Value

Pointer to the new Polygon.