Convert a string to upper or lower case


This function converts a supplied string to upper or lower case, storing the result in a supplied buffer. The astStringCase function is similar, but stores the result in a dynamically allocated buffer.


void astChrCase( const char in, char out, int upper, int blen, int status )


Pointer to the null terminated string to be converted. If this is NULL, the supplied contents of the " out" string are used as the input string.
Pointer to the buffer to receive the converted string. The length of this buffer is given by " blen" . If NULL is supplied for " in" , then the supplied contents of " out" are converted and written back into " out" over-writing the supplied contents.
If non-zero, the string is converted to upper case. Otherwise it is converted to lower case.
The length of the output buffer. Ignored if " in" is NULL. No more than " blen - 1" characters will be copied from " in" to " out" , and a terminating null character will then be added.