astGet <X >

Get an attribute value for an Object


This is a family of functions which return a specified attribute value for an Object using one of several different data types. The type is selected by replacing <X > in the function name by C, D, F, I or L, to obtain a result in const char (i.e. string), double, float, int, or long format, respectively.

If possible, the attribute value is converted to the type you request. If conversion is not possible, an error will result.


<X >type astGet <X >( AstObject this, const char attrib )


Pointer to the Object.
Pointer to a null-terminated string containing the name of the attribute whose value is required.


These functions apply to all Objects.

Returned Value

astGet <X >()
The attribute value, in the data type corresponding to <X > (or, in the case of astGetC, a pointer to a constant null-terminated character string containing this value).


printf( " RefCount = %dn" , astGetI( z, " RefCount" ) );
Prints the RefCount attribute value for Object " z" as an int.
title = astGetC( axis, " Title" );
Obtains a pointer to a null-terminated character string containing the Title attribute of Object " axis" .