Extracts and displays a velocity-position slice from an (RA,Dec,vel) cube


This script extracts and displays a slice from a position-velocity cube. The slice need not be parallel to either spatial pixel axis.

The script displays a chosen spatial plane from the supplied cube in the left half of the current graphics device. You are then invited to select two spatial positions within the displayed plane using the cursor. A two-dimensional slice is then extracted from the cube that passes through the two selected spatial positions. The first axis in this slice measures spatial distance along the line, and the second axis is the velocity axis. This slice appears in the right-hand side of the current graphics device, and saved to the specified output NDF.


pvslice -i filename -o filename [-ci index] [-p plane]

Command-line Arguments


pvslice -i orion_masked -o orion_pvmap
This extracts a user-selected plane from the cube NDF called orion_masked, and saves it to NDF orion_pvmap. The slice is shown to the right of the spatial image.
pvslice -i orion_masked -o orion_pvmap -p 1.5
As above but slice selection is from the velocity plane at 1.5 as opposed to the middle index.


Related Applications


Implementation Status:

This script invokes a collection of A-tasks from the Kappa package.