Draw an outline around a 2-dimensional clump identified by CUPID


This procedure will outline a specified clump previously identified by CUPID:FINDCLUMPS or CUPID:EXTRACTCLUMPS. The data must be 2-dimensional, and the image over which the outline is to be drawn must have been displayed previously using KAPPA:DISPLAY.


outlineclump ndf index [style]


NDF = NDF (Read)
The name of the NDF containing the clump information. This NDF should have been created using the CUPID:FINDCLUMPS or CUPID:EXTRACTCLUMPS command. The clump cut-out images contained in the CUPID extension of this NDF will be used to define the outline of the clump.
The integer index or indices of the clumps to be identified. For multiple indices supply a comma-separated list, using hyphens to express ranges. For example " 2,4-6,9" would draw the outlines of clumps with indices 2, 4, 5, 6, and 9.
A group of attribute settings describing the plotting style to use for the outline.

A comma-separated list of strings should be given in which each string is either an attribute setting, or the name of a text file preceded by an up-arrow character " ^" . Such text files should contain further comma-separated lists which will be read and interpreted in the same manner. Attribute settings are applied in the order in which they occur within the list, with later settings overriding any earlier settings given for the same attribute.

Each individual attribute setting should be of the form:

<name >= <value >

where <name > is the name of a plotting attribute, and <value > is the value to assign to the attribute. Default values will be used for any unspecified attributes. All attributes will be defaulted if a null value (!) is supplied. See section " Plotting Attributes" in SUN/95 for a description of the available attributes. Any unrecognised attributes are ignored (no error is reported).

The appearance of the clump outline is controlled by the attributes Colour(Curves), Width(Curves), etc (the synonym Contours may be used in place of Curves). The contour appearance established in this way may be modified using parameters PENS, PENROT and DASHED. [current value]


outlineclump m51b 2 style=" colour=blue,width=4 "
This draws an outline of the second clump (as stored in m51b.more.cupid.clumps(2).model) on the current graphics device, using a blue line of four times the default thickness.


contour ndf=" $ndf.more.cupid.clumps($index).model" labpos=! mode=good clear=no