B Full Specifications of all Smurf Commands

These pages describe all the Smurf commands in detail. Default values for parameters are quoted in square brackets. Empty brackets indicate a dynamic default will be calculated and inserted at run time. Parameters for which an array should be supplied (or are returned) are shown with parentheses after the parameter name. A number within those parentheses indicates the size of the array.

ADAM commands

BADBOLOS – Generate a map of random dead bolometers and add it as an NDF extension to the input file
CALCDARK – Calculate the 2d dark frame from dark observation
CALCFLAT – Calculate a flatfield solution from a flatfield observation
CALCNOISE – Calculate noise image
CALCQU – Calculate Q and U images from a set of time-series data files
CALCRESP – Calculate bolometer responsivity from stored flatfield solution
CHECKCOORDS – Check for discrepancies between AZEL and TRACKING coordinates
COPYFLAT – Copy the flatfield information from a reference file
DREAMSOLVE – Solve DREAM observations and generate 2-D images
DREAMWEIGHTS – Generate DREAM weights matrix
DSUTILS – A collection of utilities for estimating focal plane distortion
EXTINCTION – Extinction correct SCUBA-2 data
FINDSLICES – Find time slices that are centred close to a given sky position
FIT1D – Fit 1-D profiles to a data cube
FITSMERGE – Merge FITS headers
FIXSTEPS – Fix DC steps in a supplied SCUBA-2 time series NDF
FLATFIELD – Flatfield SCUBA-2 data
FTS2DEGLITCH – Removes the glitches from the source
FTS2FLATFIELD – Corrects for the pixel-to-pixel variation in spectral responsivity, due to detector characteristics
FTS2FREQCORR – Off-Axis frequency correction
FTS2INIT – Prepares the input to be processed by the FTS2 Data Reduction tasks
FTS2MASKMAP – Mask time series data for a SCUBA-2 map with FTS-2 in the beam
FTS2OPCORR – Compansates for the effect of the FTS-2 optics on image distortion and field rotation
FTS2PHASECORR – Given a 3D data cube of single-sided interferograms, applies phase correction and outputs the corresponding 3D interferogram cube
FTS2PHASECORRDS – Given a 3D data cube of double-sided interferograms, applies phase correction and outputs the corresponding 3D spectrum cube
FTS2PORTIMBAL – Corrects for atmospheric transmission across the spectral dimension
FTS2REMOVEBSE – Removes the Beam splitter Self Emission (BSE) from the source
FTS2SPECTRUM – Computes the spectrum of the interferograms
FTS2SPLIT – Convert multi scan NDFs for use in FTS-2 data reduction pipeline
FTS2TRANSCORR – Corrects for atmospheric transmission across the spectral dimension
GAU2FIT – Fit a two-component Gausian to a map of an extended source
GSD2ACSIS – Convert a GSD format DAS data file to an ACSIS format NDF
GSDSHOW – Display the contents of headers and arrays for GSD files
IMPAZTEC – Import AzTEC NetCDF files and produce SCUBA-2 ICD-compliant files
JSADICER – Dice an image or cube into JSA tiles
JSAPASTER – Paste several JSA tiles into a single mosaic
JSATILEINFO – Return information about a specified sky tile
JSATILELIST – List the sky tiles that overlap a given set of data files or an AST Region
MAKECUBE – Regrid ACSIS spectra into a data cube
MAKEMAP – Make a map from SCUBA-2 data
NANTEN2ACSIS – Convert NANTEN2 FITS format data files to an ACSIS format NDF
POL2CHECK – Check if specified NDFs probably hold POL-2 data
POL2IPCOR – Create an IP model from a set of POL2 observations of a bright extended source
QUCOVAR – Find co-variance of Q and U from a POL2 observation
RAWPRESS – Compress raw data
RAWRECREATEWCS – Fix broken raw ACSIS files by enabling the spectral WCS to be reconstructed
RAWREWRTSC2WCS – Fix broken WCS in raw SCUBA-2 file by re-writing it
RAWUNPRESS – Uncompress raw data
RAWFIXMETA – Fix metadata associated with a raw data file
REMSKY – Remove sky background from SCUBA-2 data
SC2CLEAN – Clean SCUBA-2 time-series data
SC2CONCAT – Concatenate files into a larger file
SC2EXPANDMODEL – Expand a DIMM model component into a full time-series data cube
SC2FFT – Fourier Transform SCUBA-2 time-series data
SC2FILTERMAP – Filter a 2-d map
SC2MAPFFT – Fourier Transform 2D maps
SC2PCA – Use principal component analysis to identify correlated SCUBA-2 signals
SC2SIM – SCUBA-2 Simulator
SC2THREADTEST – Task for testing speeds of different threading schemes
SKYNOISE – Generate a simulated sky background with spatial noise
SMURFCOPY – Copy a 2d image out of a time series file
SMURFHELP – Gives help about SMURF
STACKFRAMES – Stack 2d processed frames into time series cube
STARECALC – Calculate image for SCUBA-2 STARE observations
SUPERCAM2ACSIS – Convert a Supercam SDFITS format data file to an ACSIS format NDF
TIMESORT – Re-order the time slices in a raw ACSIS data cube into increasing time
UNMAKECUBE – Produce simulated time series data from a regrided ACSIS data cube
UNMAKEMAP – Produce simulated time series data from a SCUBA-2 map