C Python Scripts

These scripts use Kappa and Smurf commands to do the number crunching, but use Python rather than shell script to glue these commands together. The parameter system used by these scripts has been designed to be similar to the ADAM parameter system used by most other Starlink commands. So for instance, values can be specified by keyword or position on the command line, and the user will be prompted for any required parameter values that were not specified on the command line. However, there are some significant differences, including:

Python Scripts

CONFIGMELD – Compare two configs using a visual file comparison tool
FTS2GAIA – Display in-band FTS-2 spectrum in gaia
JSAJOIN – Create a single tangent-plane NDF from a set of JSA tiles
JSASPLIT – Split a single NDF up into a set of JSA tiles
JSATILEMOC – Create an image MOC based on a JSA tile
SKYLOOP – Create a map using the " inside-out" algorithm
POL2MAP – Create Q, U and I maps from a group of POL-2 " spin&scan" data files
POL2SIM – Create simulated POL2 data from known I, Q and U maps
POL2IP – Create an Instrumental Polarisation (IP) model from a set of POL2 observations
POL2STACK – Combine multiple Q, U and I images and create a vector catalogue from them
POL2NOISE – Analyse the noise in a POL2 vector catalogue
POL2SCAN – Create Q and U maps from a set of POL-2 " spin&scan" data files