Generate DREAM weights matrix


This is the main routine for (re)calculating the DREAM weights array and inverse matrix.


CONFIG = Literal (Read)
Specifies values for the configuration parameters used to determine the grid properties. If the string " def" (case-insensitive) or a null (!) value is supplied, a set of default configuration parameter values will be used.

The supplied value should be either a comma-separated list of strings or the name of a text file preceded by an up-arrow character "^" , containing one or more comma-separated list of strings. Each string is either a " keyword=value" setting, or the name of a text file preceded by an up-arrow character " ^" . Such text files should contain further comma-separated lists which will be read and interpreted in the same manner (any blank lines or lines beginning with " #" are ignored). Within a text file, newlines can be used as delimiters as well as commas. Settings are applied in the order in which they occur within the list, with later settings over-riding any earlier settings given for the same keyword.

Each individual setting should be of the form:

<keyword >= <value >

The parameters available for are listed in the " Configuration Parameters" sections below. Default values will be used for any unspecified parameters. Unrecognised options are ignored (that is, no error is reported). [current value]

Control the verbosity of the application. Values can be NONE (no messages), QUIET (minimal messages), NORMAL, VERBOSE, DEBUG or ALL. [NORMAL]
NDF = NDF (Read)
Raw DREAM data file(s)
OUT = NDF (Write)
Output weights file(s)


Configuration Parameters :

Scale size of the dream grid pattern. [6.28 arcsec]
Array of integers specify the extent of the DREAM pattern in pixels. Order is xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax [(-4,4,-4,4)]

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