Calculate the 2d dark frame from dark observation


Given a set of dark observations, calculate a mean dark frame from each. A bad bolometer mask can be supplied to remove known bad bolometers. Does not flatfield.


BBM = NDF (Read)
Group of files to be used as bad bolometer masks. Each data file specified with the IN parameter will be masked. The corresponding previous mask for a subarray will be used. If there is no previous mask the closest following one will be used. It is not an error for no mask to match. A NULL parameter indicates no mask files to be supplied. [!]
IN = NDF (Read)
Input files to be processed. Non-darks will be filtered out.
Control the verbosity of the application. Values can be NONE (no messages), QUIET (minimal messages), NORMAL, VERBOSE, DEBUG or ALL. [NORMAL]
OUT = NDF (Write)
Output dark files. These can be used as bad bolometer masks in subsequent processing steps via the BBM parameter in other SCUBA-2 SMURF commands.


Dark files will be subtracted from raw data during the flatfielding step. Commands that flatfield data can use either raw dark files or the output from CALCDARK.

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