Paste several JSA tiles into a single mosaic


This routine creates a single output NDF by pasting together a supplied list of 2D- or 3D- JSA tiles (i.e. it is the inverse of JSADICER). The spatial WCS of each input NDF must matches the JSA all-sky pixel grid. The output NDF will usually be gridded using an HPX projection, but an XPH projection will be used if the mosaic would cross a discontinuity in the HPX projection.


IN = NDF (Read)
A group of input JSA tiles.
The JCMT instrument (different instruments have different tiling schemes and pixel sizes). The following instrument names are recognised (unambiguous abbreviations may be supplied): " SCUBA-2(450)" , " SCUBA-2(850)" , " ACSIS" , " DAS" . The dynamic default is determined from the input NDF if possible. If this cannot be done, then no dynamic default is provided, and the user is prompted for a value if none was supplied on the command line. []
OUT = NDF (Write)
The mosaic.