convert JCMT state structure into TST format


Reads a set of SCUBA-2 or ACSIS files and writes a catalogue of the state information to standard out. The output file is in TST format and can be read into the TOPCAT application (but may require that TOPCAT is told explicitly that the catalogue is in TST format, e.g. with the "-f tst" command line option).

This information includes the telescope pointing position (Actual, Demand and Base) in both the tracking system and AZEL coordinate frames, jiggle patterns, telescope row/offset index amongst others.


jcmtstate2cat *.sdf > catalogue.tst

topcat -f tst catalogue.tst


Print help information.
Print version information.
Print the full documentation to STDOUT.
Include SCUBA-2 MCE information in output table. This adds a lot of data to the output files and much of it is constant for the observation. Default is not to add this option. This option only works for data prior to summer of 2010 (which essentially means S2SRO data). After that date MCE data is written in a different form and is not supported. For modern data use the separate MCEHEAD2CAT command.


Additional derived columns are included in addition to those stored directly in the JCMTSTATE extension. All telescope values include a correction for motion of the secondary mirror.

Note that information from the ACSIS extension is not included at this time. This is partly because this extension can change in shape between observations. MCE header information is included for SCUBA-2 data files.