Unlock an object so that it can be locked by a different thread


This function removes a lock on the supplied HDS object. An error is reported if the object is not locked by the current thread. If " recurs" is non-zero, an error will be reported if any child component within the supplied object is not locked by the current thread. See datLock.

The object must be locked again, using datLock, before it can be used by any other HDS function. All objects are initially locked by the current thread when they are created.


datUnlock( HDSLoc locator, int recurs, int status );


locator = HDSLoc (Given)
Locator to the object that is to be unlocked.
recurs = int (Given)
If the supplied object is unlocked successfully, and " recurs" is non-zero, then an attempt is made to unlock any component objects contained within the supplied object.
status = int (Given and Returned)
Pointer to global status.