Appendix C
ICL Exceptions

name description
ADAMERR An Error has occurred in an ADAM task.
An associated message will give further information.
ASSNOTVAR An Assignment has been made to a procedure formal parameter
which does not correspond to a variable in the procedure call.
CLOSEERR Error closing text file.
CONVERR Error converting RA or Dec to string or vice versa
CTRLC A Control-C has been entered on the terminal.
DEVERR Error allocating or mounting device.
EDITERR Attempt to use the LSE editor on a system on which LSE is
not available, or an attempt to use TPU when the TPU shareable
image is not accessible.
EOF End of file encountered on text file operation.
FIGERR Error in a FIGARO program, or an attempt to use a FIGARO
command when the FIGARO shareable image is not accessible.
FLTDIV Floating point division by zero.
FLTOVF Floating point overflow.
name description
IFERR The expression in an IF or ELSE IF statement does not
evaluate to a logical value.
INTOVF Integer Overflow.
INVARGMAT Invalid argument to a mathematical function.
INVSET Invalid SET command.
LOGZERNEG Logarithm of zero or negative number.
OPENERR Error opening text file.
OPNOTLOG Operands of a logical operator (AND, OR etc.) are
not logical values.
OPNOTNUM Operands of a formatting operation (:) are not
PROCERR Unrecognized procedure or command name.
READERR Error reading from text file.
RECCALL Attempt to make a recursive call of a procedure.
SCREENERR Error in screen mode I/O.
SQUROONEG Square root of negative number.
STKOVFLOW ICL’s stack has overflowed.
STKUNDFLOW ICL stack underflow — If this occurs it indicates
an internal error in ICL — Please report the circumstances.
TOOFEWPARS Not enough parameters for a function or command.
name description
TOOMANYPARS Too many parameters for a procedure or command.
UNDEFVAR Attempt to use an undefined variable — i.e. one
that has not yet had a value assigned.
UNDEXP Undefined Exponentiation.
USERERR Error accessing a routine defined using DEFUSER, or
error during such a routine.
WHILEERR The expression in a WHILE statement does not
evaluate to a logical value.
WRITERR Error writing to text file.