E Include Files

The symbolic constants defined by the three include files used with EMS are listed below. The way in which these files are included within Fortran or C code is described in Section 9.

SAE_PAR (sae_par.h) Defines the non-specific status codes for Starlink.
SAI__ERROR – Error encountered.
SAI__OK – No error.
SAI__WARN – Warning.
EMS_PAR (ems_par.h) Defines the Error Message Service constants.
EMS__BASE – The base context number.
EMS__MXMSG – Maximum number of messages.
EMS__MXOUT – Maximum length of output text.
EMS__SZMSG – Maximum length of error message text.
EMS__SZPAR – Maximum length of error message name.
EMS__SZTOK – Maximum length of message token text.
EMS__TOKEC – Message token escape character.
EMS_ERR (ems_err.h) Defines the Error Message Service error codes.
EMS__BADOK – Status set to SAI__OK in call to EMS_REP (improper use of EMS_REP).
EMS__BDKEY – Invalid keyword will be ignored (improper use of EMS_TUNE or EMS_GTUNE).
EMS__BTUNE – Conflicting actions (improper use of EMS_TUNE).
EMS__CXOVF – Error context stack overflow (EMS fault).
EMS__EROVF – Error message stack overflow (EMS fault).
EMS__NOENV – Error encountered reading environment variable EMS_TUNE.
EMS__NOMSG – No error messages pending output.
EMS__NSTER – Error in nested calls to EMS_BEGIN and EMS_END (improper use of EMS).
EMS__OPTER – Error encountered during message output.
EMS__UNSET – No status associated with message (improper use of EMS_REP).


EMS__BADOK is the status returned if EMS_REP is called with status SAI__OK whereas EMS__UNSET is the status associated with any messages reported in this way and may therefore be returned by, for example, EMS_STAT.
EMS__NOENV is provided for future developments – it is not used at the moment.