5 Summary

The Starlink Software Librarian maintains:

which defines environment variables required by standard and installed option packages.
which defines Shell Package Startup Commands for standard and installed option packages to be run from the shell.
an ICL command file, automatically LOADed at ICL startup, which defines ICL Package Startup Commands and basic help for all Starlink packages. (In the case of non-installed option packages, the Startup Command will inform the user than the package is not available.)
which is a Starlink HELP file giving basic information about all available packages.

If required, Site Managers provide and maintain:

analogous to ADAM_PACKAGES but for local packages.

Package Administrators provide and maintain:

Package Startup Script
a shell script defining commands to be used when running the package directly from the shell.
Package Definition Command File
an ICL command file defining commands and help topics to be used when running the package from ICL.
Package Help File
a Starlink HELP file providing detailed help information about the package.