3 SPECX files and directories

SPECX uses and produces a variety of files. For graphics, intermediate plot files (called PLOT.nnn) are produced in the current working directory.

SPECX uses Starlink PGPLOT for graphics and thus will produce data files for plots sent to some graphics devices (e.g. gks74.ps.N for a PostScript printer). These are created in the current default directory. They are not submitted to any printer and are not deleted. SPECX does not even report the exact name of the file when it is created. The user has to keep score of these files and send them to printers as desired.

There is an option (defaulted true) in SPECX which allows dumping of the current status of the program after each command is executed. This is saved in the file specx.dmp in the current default directory. If this file does not exist when SPECX is started for the first time, it will be created. If it is subsequently deleted (or SPECX is started from a different directory), the package will restart with default initialisation; otherwise SPECX will be re-started will all flags as previously set, data files opened, and so on.