Plot the boundary of an ARD description


This routine draws a curve marking the boundary of the ARD description supplied within group IGRP. It can also draw a boundary round a given sub-region by supplying a positive value for REGVAL. The ARD description must be 2-dimensional.




A GRP identifier for the group holding the 2-dimensional ARD description.
An AST pointer to a Plot which will be used to draw the boundary. The Plot and the ARD description will be aligned in a suitable common coordinate Frame, present in both the Plot and the WCS FrameSet implied by the ARD description. If no such common Frame is available, an error is reported.
GBOX( 4 ) = REAL (Given)
An array giving the position and extent of the plotting area (on the plotting surface of the underlying graphics system) in which graphical output is to appear. This must be specified in the base (i.e. GRAPHICS) Frame of the supplied Plot. This can be smaller than the area covered by the supplied Plot, in which case the graphics will be truncated.

The first pair of values should give the coordinates of the bottom left corner of the plotting area and the second pair should give the coordinates of the top right corner. The coordinate on the horizontal axis should be given first in each pair.

REGVAL = INTEGER (Given and Returned)
The index of the region within the ARD description to be outlined. If the value zero is supplied, the entire ARD description is outlined. If a positive value is supplied, then only the region with the specified index is outlined. If a negative value is supplied, then regions with indices greater than or equal to the absolute value are outlined. If the supplied value is not zero, then REGVAL is modified on return to hold one more than the largest value used to represent any of the keywords in the ARD description. The supplied value is left unchanged if it zero.
STATUS = INTEGER (Given and Returned)
The global status.