4 Running CREMSG

If a MESSGEN source file is not available but there is an existing, standard-format Fortran error INCLUDE file, program CREMSG can create a MESSGEN source file from it. Standard-format means that the error numbers are defined by statements of the form:

        PARAMETER ( PAR__NOUSR = 146703139 )
  *   No user available for input
        PARAMETER ( PAR__PARNF = 146703147 )
  *   Parameter does not exist
      ... etc ...

i.e. the format produced by the VAX/VMS MESSAGE/ERRGEN system.

To produce the corresponding MESSGEN source file, type:

% cremsg [-v]filename

where filename is the name of the INCLUDE file and option -v may be used to obtain diagnostic information.


The file produced will be named fac_err.msg file, where fac is the lower case of the facility name determined from the error idents in the INCLUDE file (par in the above example). This will not always give the correct name.
The .TITLE directive produced will contain only the facility name. It may be desirable to add a short description by hand.
CREMSG will ignore any initial heading comment lines in the INCLUDE file.
CREMSG will accept the message comment line either first or last in each definition sequence in the INCLUDE file but a blank line must be present between each sequence.