13 Listing header details

To display a brief summary of a catalogue simply type:


You then answer the prompt described below. In this description the prompt is identified by the corresponding ADAM parameter name, which appears at the start of the prompt line.

Enter the name of the catalogue.

By default the information displayed is:

It is possible to specify that various other information is to be displayed by including parameter detail on the command line. For example:

  catheader detail=columns

will list the details of all the columns in the catalogue. Table 6 shows the options available for detail. There must be one or more spaces between ‘catheader’ and ‘detail’.

It is also possible to copy the output from catheader to a text file as well as displaying it on the terminal screen. Type:

  catheader  file=true

The output will be written to a text file with the same name as the catalogue but file type ‘.lis’. Thus, if the catalogue was in file perseus.FIT then the information would be written to file perseus.lis.

Option Description

summary summary (default)
columns full details of all the columns
parameters full details of all the parameters
text list of all textual information
ast list of any AST information
full full details (all the above)

Table 6: Options available for catheader parameter detail. Some catalogues may contain AST information. AST is a mechanism for describing the coordinate systems in which catalogue columns are expressed. It is documented in SUN/210[34] and SUN/211[35].