Close a GSD file


This routine closes a GSD file opened previously with gsdOpenRead. It also releases the memory that gsdOpenRead allocated in connection to that file. For this purpose this routine must be given the standard C file pointer, the pointer to the GSD file descriptor, the pointer to the GSD item descriptors, and the pointer to the data buffer.


int gsdClose( FILE fptr, void file_dsc, void item_dsc, char data_ptr);


FILE fptr (Given)
The file descriptor for the GSD file to be closed.
void file_dsc (Given)
The GSD file descriptor related to the file opened on fptr.
void item_dsc (Given)
The array of GSD item descriptors related to the file opened on fptr.
char data_ptr (Given)
The buffer with all the data from the GSD file opened on fptr.

Returned Value

int gsdClose();
Status from fclose.


available via #include "gsd.h"


Copyright (C) 1986-1999 Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council. All Rights Reserved.