Process SCAN data from extended sources


This is the recipe for processing SCAN data for extended (e.g. Galactic) sources. The makemap configuration file is tuned to best deal with such data.

Raw data are passed to the map maker which are processed to produce a Frame image, which is then calibrated and displayed. A new Group image is created and displayed. The noise properties of the new Group image are calculated and written to a log file, log.noise.


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
Name of a config file for use with the SMURF makemap task. The file must exist in the current working directory, $MAKEMAP_CONFIG_DIR or $ORAC_DATA_OUT.


The Frame image is displayed in Gaia window 1. The Group image is displayed in Gaia window 2; its variance is displayed in window 3.