Process SCAN data with existing map data added


This recipe processes SCAN data with data from an existing map added to the input timeseries. Raw data for each observation are passed to the map maker which are processed to produce an image, which is then calibrated. The individual images are coadded using inverse-variance weighting.

The user must provide the name of a template input map from which a fake map is created with the pixel bounds which match those of the map created with SCUBA-2 data alone. The input map may be shifted on the sky relative to its nominal centre position to avoid overlap with sources in the SCUBA-2 data, and may be regridded to match the pixel size of the output map.

Alternatively, the recipe can optionally create a Gaussian of a given FWHM and unit amplitude, though only at the map centre (in pixel coordinates).


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
FWHM in arcsec of Gaussian to use as input map. Only used if FAKEMAP_MAP is unspecified.
Name of the map to add to the raw timeseries. The file must be an NDF and exist in the current working directory or $ORAC_DATA_OUT.
The value by which to scale the input map before adding to the timeseries. Default is 1.0 (no scaling). Equivalent of the makemap parameter fakescale.
A flag to denote whether the fake map should be regridded to the same pixel scale as the output map. Default is 0 (false).
RA, Dec offsets in arcsec which specify how much the map coordinates should be adjusted before adding to the map. If only one value is given, the same will be used for both axes. Default is 0,0 (no shift).
Name of a config file for use with the SMURF makemap task. The file must exist in the current working directory, $MAKEMAP_CONFIG_DIR or $ORAC_DATA_OUT.