Process SCAN data an isolated source


This is a recipe for processing SCAN data for a single bright, isolated source at the tracking position.

Raw data are passed to the map maker which are processed to produce a Frame image, which is then calibrated and displayed. A new Group image is created and displayed. The noise properties of the new Group image are calculated and written to a log file, log.noise.

This recipe will attempt to register the individual images (i.e. align the bright central source in all observations) before coadding. If the source isn t detected well enough to do this it will continue on, with a warning in the log.


Available Parameters :

The following parameters can be set via the -recpars option:
Name of a config file for use with the SMURF makemap task. The file must exist in the current working directory, $MAKEMAP_CONFIG_DIR or $ORAC_DATA_OUT.


The Frame image is displayed in Gaia window 1. The Group image is displayed in Gaia window 2; its variance is displayed in window 3.