Summit recipe for processing SCAN data


This recipe processes SCAN data with the iterative map-maker in the summit pipeline. This recipe makes use of a percentage completion parameter which delays the map-making step until a certain proportion of the data exist on disk.

Flatfielded data are passed to the iterative map maker to produce a Frame image, which is then calibrated and displayed. A new Group image is created and displayed. The noise properties of the new Group image are calculated and written to a log file, log.noise.

Control in this recipe is handled by a series of Frame and Group uhdr flags. These are NOCALIB, OBSEND, PERCENT_CMP and TCS_INDEX (Frame) and LAST_INDEX and MAPMADE (Group). The TCS_INDEX and LAST_INDEX values are used to determine if the scan pattern has been completed since the last map was made. OBSEND is used to decide whether or not to create a new Group coadd. The NOCALIB flag is used to bypass the calibration step as raw timeseries data should not be calibrated.

The PERCENT_CMP entry is specified in this recipe as an argument to _PROCESS_SCAN_DATA_. However, it is only used for observations which consist of a single pass of the scan pattern.



The Frame image is displayed in Gaia window 1 (though no image will be displayed until the percentage completion or change in TCS index criteria are satisfied). The Group image is displayed in Gaia window 2; its variance is displayed in window 3.