QL processing of POINTING observations


This recipe processes data from a POINTING observation with the data obtained in Quick-Look mode.

For DREAM/STARE, the images from the individual subarrays are combined, sky emission removed (assuming a simple DC offset) and corrected for extinction.

SCAN-mode data are passed to the iterative map-maker. Fast-ramp flatfield files are processed and stored so the iterative map-maker can use them.

The image is cropped to 150 arcsec on a side and any residual background is removed (if necessary). If the source is a known calibrator, the pipeline calculates FCFs. The image is then calibrated and a flag flag file written to allow the POINTING_FOCUS task at the summit to derive pointing offsets.

For additional record keeping the source position is fitted to derive offsets in Azimuth and Elevation from the nominal (0,0) position. These offsets are written as a JCMT::Pointing extension in the coadd, and to a log file. Note, however, that these may not be identical to those derived by the telescope POINTING_FOCUS task. The recipe also determines the beam size and the flux conversion factor (FCF), which are also written to their respective log files.



The coadd is displayed in Gaia window 2; its variance is displayed in window 3.